UpGrading 1.333 to Xp2100/2200+ CPU ?

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Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Hi all,

I run a
EPox ATX EP8K7A+ Mainboard (761/686b)

Bios= Award Software International V6.00 PG 03/15/2001
Bios String= 03/15/2001-761-686b-6A6S6PAAC-00

Bus Clock=133Megahertz.

I would like to upgrade to an XP2100/2200 CPU

Could someone explain please if i should be able to upgrade as in one for one....
Will the Xp chip work ok with my mainboard bios ?

And if the above answer is yes.. what CPU Cooling Fan would be the most suitable please ?

Kind regards


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Trevor Page
Joined: Oct 4 1999

Hi Stuart,
Your motherboard does support XP2100+ and XP2200+ processor. Your BIOS will need to be upgraded to version 1.2 the instructions for this can be found at:

Download the BIOS image at:

Click on the 03 04 02 next to 8K7A+ to download it.

I don't know if you are aware, but there is a good cheap supplier of components on your doorstep, all you have to do is register as a system builder to get trade prices. I get parts from them sometimes. Abacus at 97 Bryant road Strood 01634 291310. They would be able to supply a quality Cooler for you.


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Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Trevor,

Thank you very much for all the very good info very much appreciated, have not had time this evening to read your reply as thoroughly as it deserves, so will have a good read tonight (about 02.00 probably )

Just a quick reply to say thank you !

Kind regards.