Upgrage to Win2000 Article

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I found this article great and intenslu simplified my transition from win98 to W2k. The article also described updating win2k but to aviod service pack 2. Is that still true??

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Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad it has been of help to you.

Best thing I can recommend at this point with SP2, is to do a bit of homework. List all the components in your system, especially the motherboard, and ask in the Desktop Video - General forum if anybody out there on Win2k has had any trouble with SP2 and the following.

There are a few that seem to have had some trouble with certain hardware motherboard combinations, and at the time of press for the article, we didn't know how widespread the issue was going to be so we didn't recommend SP2 at the time. Fortunately the problem has not been widespread and the majority of SP2ers have had no problems.

The main piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you put a tick in the tick box (duh!) when it asks you do you want to back up your current configuration before running the SP2 updater. That way if there are any problems, you can revert back to the old SP1 (providing it has been installed previously).

Hope this is of help, and good luck with Win2k