USA/NTSC Upgrade Files

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FWIW: The file on the Service Pack CD that should be the driver update is in fact a text file with a .EXE file extension. (Who ever saw a 399 byte .EXE file ). The file reads:

******** Network Associates GroupShield Exchange **********
******** Alert generated at: Thursday, April 12, 2001 07:41:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The file DV.x.SP1.exe has been replaced.
Please consult your administrator for further help
and remember to quote your ticket number: OA95_987086506_DAZZLEMAIL

Users have to download the SP1 file from the DAZZLE-EUROPE WEB SITE if yo uwant to use the patch to V1.5.

Interesting to say the least. As if someone copied an attachment from an e-mail to the master CD that was sent to reproduction without ever checking it.