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john howson
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I've recently had a new 12 GB Quantum Bigfoot hard disk installed in my
300Mhz Pentium II which I intended to use as the video storage disk.
Having run the Miro Expert speed test I find it is slightly slower than the
original disk ,an IBM deskstar (8GB) so I thought It might be a good idea
to swop round the functions. I also got a copy of Partition Magic 3 and
quite happily partitioned the second disk into 4 with the Idea of installing
Windows 95 (my present OS) plus apps in one and windows 98 plus maybe Adobe
5.2 in another and corresponding data files in the other two.
I set up the boot manager as per instructions at the beginning of disk 1
(the IBM). I also got Partition Magic to copy all of the drive C info from
disk 1 onto partition 2 (drive E) of the second disk to test it out. The
system did reboot from the boot manager to drive C again OK but not to drive
E. I did change all the drive references in the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS
files to E and if I go into DOS and access drive E it boots up OK. Could you
tell me the best and easiest way to get it working? I guess I should do a
proper install but I'm still a bit nervous of doing this as I've not done an
OS install before and don't want to do anything that will screw up all the
Drive C info.

Extra Info.
My mother board is an MS-6117 ATX LX6. The IBM disk is connected as disk 1
primary master and the Quantum Bigfoot as secondary master. The CD-ROM is
primary slave.(I guess I should change this so the CD ROM is connected to
the Quantum Bigfoot so the IBM can be as fast as possible.If I do this can
you advise me what to do software wise)

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I use PM in exactly the way you describe.
Assuming you have 2 bootable partitions on a drive plus 2 'data' partitions (say,'F' & 'G'). The system partition(s) not booted from ('E'?) must be normally hidden so as not to be accessible (otherwise some data loss could result, says the PM manual).
The system currently booted has only C, F and G HD drives.
To use the 2nd bootable system, use PM to hide the current C drive and unhide the other. The system will then reboot from the other bootable partition, still having C,F, and G drives.
All this is much easier with version 4 using Boot Magic - this displays a menu of bootable partitions (on the Primary Master, if there is more than one physical HD, of course) allowing you to select which to boot from. Ver 3 has a similar system, but doesn't work too well.

In fact, I keep a duplicate HD in a caddy which can be copied to using PM (in the Secondary Master slot) from the Primary Master and can be swapped and booted from.
I have 3 bootable systems and a 'data' partition.

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Rereading your question, I think you must now make the BigFoot the Primary Master and the IBM the Secondary Master.
If you put them both in caddies you can boot normally from the BigFoot, but still have a bootable backup partion on the IBM (but hidden).
My CD-ROM is slaved from the Secondary Master as I have a third resident HD as Primary Slave.

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A few comments.

Partition Magic 3 can't see partitions larger than 8.4GB - just in case anyone thinks they'll go out and buy a copy that's being sold off cheap. You need V4 for drives bigger than 8.4GB

Bigfoot is a 5.25in drive, and so won't fit in a HDD caddy.

Bigfoot is probably plenty fast enough for video editing - my 12GB Bigfoot certainly is.

What Bigfoot doesn't have is fast access time, and so you will definitely notice your PC slowing down if you use BigFoot as the boot/program drive in place of the IBM.

Bob C

john howson
Joined: Oct 6 1999

Thanks to you Bob & Dave for your helpful comments. Yes Bob as you say I cant fit the Big Foot in A caddy which is a big pity. It sounds as if I would be better off sticking to using the Big Foot as the Video disk as you say and partitioning the IBM for the different OS's.Actualy my BIOS won't recognise disks bigger than 8 GB ither so untill I get a new mother bord that isn't a problem. The need to "hide" the bootable partition I'm not using (and changing the drive letter ) seems to defeat the object of the excercise of an easy method of changing OSes to me.Seems like I may need version 4. Thanks anyway.

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You do not change the drive letter when hiding. The hidden partition has no letter because it cannot be seen by the Opsys. What you are doing is allocating the letter 'C' to alternatives partitions to boot from. It only takes a moment to do manually in PM Ver3.
This is what Boot Magic does in Ver 4. Ver 3 comes with the IBM equivalent, but I found it didn't work smoothly.

john howson
Joined: Oct 6 1999

OK Dave .Ive got that .I'll let you know how I get on. What do you mean 'the IBM boot manager didn't run very smoothly'. I do have the Boot Magic option but It didn't semm so useful from the description.