Users with DWS 2 and Encore on the same computer with unrecognised DVD writer

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If you have Encore 1.5 and DWS 2 with latest DLT writer patches you may experience problems with Encore being unable to locate your DVD drive.

Additionally, Encore may not be able to see you DLT.

According to Ulead, there is an Aspi layer conflict which allows DWS2 to operate normally, but stalls Encore.

Adobe says "we suggest you remove the non Adobe software"

DWS2 has a great DLT-writing engine and is very fast at putting projects together, the Mpeg coding is also pretty good and the program burns discs without much fuss. Trouble is, it doesn't allow you to create 16x9 menus.

Encore is a very powerful platform and with its links to Photoshop CS and After Effects making it a must-have for pro work.

Perversely, though, the discs Encore burns are unreadable on many DVD players because the program does not record an Audio_TS folder to the disc - and this folder is necessary to many players, even though it's empty. DOOGS, though has suggested a way round that problem:
regarding the Encore ommision of the AUDIO_TS folder. The way I get around this annoying problem is to create a DVD folder on the HDD using Encore, and then manually add a AUDIO_TS folder with the VIDEO_TS and burn this all back using Nero.
Anyway, getting back to the substantive problem...the simplest fix if you have DWS2 on your system is:

Build your project in Encore (PAL or NTSC) then build a disc image. This produces a file with the extension .img - .img being Encore's identifier of an ISO image file.

Change the name of the file extension to .iso, then open DWS2 and go to "FINISH" and import the renamed file. Then burn a disc, or print to DLT using copy protection and region settings in DWS2 - doing it this way is much simpler than using Encore's DLT builder and has fewer pitfalls.

This fix works well. I have made production-run DLTs this way without any problems, as well as burning many DVDs.

PS: I keep reading about people burning "coasters" ie
dud DVDs that have to be thrown away. To avoid the cost of duff disc, I instead prefer to do test burns with re-usable RW discs - the same disc can be used repeatedly and should last for years!

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