Virgin Media

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Thought I'd post this as I know that there are a few on Virgin.
I got a good deal the other week when I phoned tyo trim my package. My bills were coming in between £80 and £90 including phone calls (My wife can Talk) anyway I'd heard that there was a package called "XL plus" which was basically their advertised VIP deal without Sky Sports and Movies, XL Plus is not advertised but I thought I'd give it a chance & got it.

so for £65 per month

I got
V+ box
additional set top box in other room
all TV channels except Premium (includes Setanta as it's not premium)
20 Mb broadband
unlimited local and national calls anytime
international discount
& Mobile discount
plus access to the VOD library of TV shows including HD (which still quite limited)

The call centre assistant hadn't heard of it so had to ask then when he found out about it said he couldn't do it but retentions could. Went through to retentions who put it on no problem but was P'd of at Customer Service for not doing it, In his words they were "idiots".

The 20 Meg internet and phone calls made it worthwhile alone for me.

John Paul