Was going to get DC30 pro, but now the Dazzle?

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I was considering getting the Pinnacle DC30 Pro but they have no drivers planned for XP and I've read it takes quite a bit of tweaking on VIA chipsets with AMD. So I'm seriously considering the DV.Now.AV for my analog Hi8 editing back to videotape. Is this the right card for me?

My questions:

1) Analog source is converted into DV format which is compressed using the Fast codec, right?

2) How do I spit it back out to tape? Is it like mjpeg where the card automatically "knows" the codec and prints it out to TV full screen?

3) Is it a firewire card, too, in case I decide to ever do some DV?

4) My Sony Hi8 Camera has a LANC port. Not sure what it does, but I hear it is a proprietary transfer mode. Is this useful to me?

5) Anything else I need to be aware of or should keep me from buying this setup for my strictly (at this point) analog editing for export back to analog tape?


Mike D
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I had a DC30+ (pro is the same, just has breakout box) and the DV Now.AV is far superior to the DC30+ in every way. You won't go wrong getting the DV Now.AV over a DC30+/Pro.

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