Wedding montage

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Ok, so i've finally plucked up the courage to put something on here for review!

Feel like it needs a bit of tidying up but I haven't been doing this long so would appreciate some comments to aid my learning.

Thank you!

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Hi Clrmedia,

I watched all three of your clips on vimeo because I feel it helps me to give my opinions based on more than one clip.

I think if it's something you have not been doing for long, then it's good:)

You have an eye for composition and there are some nice shots there which are on the whole nice and steady.There are occasional wobbles when handheld which does detract slightly. Practice on those handheld shots and try and find ways to make them look more stable.

You seem more comfortable on a tripod at present.

The only other thing I would ask is how you are encoding the video for web. Are you de-interlacing?



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Hi clrmedia,
I think you're making a great start. Nothing too flashy yet good shots of the day.
My one big comment would be that the lack of any ambient sound seemed to make me feel detached from the piece..... There were quite a few moments where sound from the day could easily have been laid over the music to good effect e.g. the crowd cheer.
Try it and see how it alters your closeness to the piece.

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Hi clrmedia, I agree with Wicked, good start you have a good eye for the shots & you need to include the natural sound to embrace the wedding. Linking the scenes to the music will also add to your composition to give it more of a flow!
Good luck & welcome to weddings!!!!