Weird audio problems

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Steve Jackson
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Sorry if this is not the correct "board" for this query, I am not sure it is AMD related.

Oldish system that used to work

Abit KT7 raid, Duron 750, W98se, MSPro6.5, DX 8.1

I have a small amount of dv I want to transfer to svcd. This is a simple unedited
8 minute clip, no lost frames. It plays back fine under MediaPlayer. Importing into MSPro
firstly there is no audio waveform showing on the timeline, secondly although in preview there is sound (sometimes with minor crackle)
at a point around 3/4 of the way through the sound just stops. It occurs at a point that I do not want to cut out.

If I create another DV avi file there is sound via Mplayer, if i transpose across to the svcd format the sound cuts out at the expected point.

If I create a shorter dv clip that straddles the point it will run with sound in preview. If I stitch back the footage on either side it cuta out again.

I have not always had this sort of problem but various pieces of software/hardware have been plugged on to or removed from the machine over time. I have tried registry cleaners. I would not particularly look forward to another clean w98 install (may be I am a candidate for Hperos or similar). The change to DX 8.1 is relatively recent.

The sound cards I have available are very similar SB 64 pci and the videologic sonic storm. I have tried disabling other irq on ports etc but no difference.

For this particular task I suppose I could try other mpeg encoder and burning programs but surely mspro should work?

finally would anyone happen to know whether the KT7 board can be persuaded to run with an AthlonXP or is the duron 1.3 or Athlon 1.4 the furthest upgrade?