Well Done Bob! I think it's working!

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I was reading Pete's review in the Feb issue of CV of Canon MV5i MC and realised that i keep seeing new camcorders that aren't "bottom feeders". I think the manufacturers might finally be listening to you (amoung others).

Now all we need to do is get every new cam made with DV-inputs and we can all die happy...


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Most years, the camcorder makers send over their marketing and techno bods and, most years, they point out the changes to the forthcoming models and say to the assembled journos (made up of our camcorder and video titles, and CV) - "as you can see, we took note of the comments you made about last year's model(s)"

What they very seldom do, though, is show us product BEFORE they introduce it, so every year they fix something but seem to break something else.


Bob C