What card do I get??? AaaarRRggGGHHH!

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Hi there guys...newbie in the house......can an guru like techie dude give some ideas on what dedicated dv capture card I should get....I don't want anything bundled with software (god bless kazaa lite) and it has to be reasonably priced(£200 max). Is this asking too much ???? I run a Athlon 1.6, 512ddr, gfx3 on XP home(I know...lame)...any help would be apprecitaed....grovel,snivel,beg


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for dv only .... any iee1394 card will do.
from users arround here , most suggest pyro cards. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004Y2P4/ref%3Ded%5Fart%5F161191%5Ftxt%5F1/026-0233352-4717225
they cost a lot less than 200.00

or for 200.00 http://www.lynxdv.com/product.php?name=platinum&country=

if you want hardware acceleration of dv effects , you will have to pay a lot more than 200.00 unless you buy secondhand.

your pc spec is fine for editting , only thing missing is whether you have a second hard drive for all the video footage?

p.s. we don't mention kazaa (lite or full ) round here , as there is always a 'less than legal' implication with it.

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