What is the deal with the Panasonic HDC MDH1 ?

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A friend of mine spotted this while trawling ebay, is this too good to be true? Am I looking at a consumer camcorder rattling around in an oversized 'professional' body?


Panasonic UK have no links on their website and I had to go the Panasonic Afria before I could find a decent spec sheet; 17Mbps as the highest setting for AVCHD doesn't strike me as especially high or is this high for 50i?


there doesn't seem to a serious review for the camcorder anywhere - which is sounding the alarm bells,


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It appears to be a HDC-SD60 in a bigger body. This model has been replaced by the SD80/SD90 in Panasonic's UK/US catalogues.

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It sparked my interest, until......

With an almost identical spec sheet, it appears to be a grey import PAL version of the AG-AC7 available in the States. I've e-mailed Panasonic twice for info on the "UK" version, but months later have yet to receive a reply.



I didn't pursue the HDC-MDH1 any further due to the distinct lack of reviews, coupled with the fact there's very few UK outlets selling this model, with the majority that do being "parallel importers" which amongst other things, can bring up warranty issues. Having said that, footage purported to be from this camera on YouTube looks ok and for anyone needing their equipment to at least look like it means business (the burgeoning corporate/wedding videographer perhaps?) it might have been a considerably cheaper alternative to the Sony HXRMC2000 (if the "shoulder-mounted look" is your thing?) ;)