which is the best video card for my system?

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I have just bought this computer spec as follows...
m/b...abit g7 raid xp
athlon 1.8 xp
512ddr ram
2 Ibm, 61gb drives raid
Audigys/card built in firewire port
LG 915 19 inch monitor
DVD rom drive
Plextor cd rewritable 16x10x40
Microsoft intel Mouse
O>S is the new Window XP Pro
and video card for this system is the Nvidia ge/force2 mx/mx400 untill I decide which is the best for this system.
At the moment i am try to decide on the

all in wonder radon 8500DV.What do you think
about this card.
one more thing at this moment i have no capture card or camera. and this system will be used for dv editing and some games too. can you please solve some of my answers

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You have a pefectly acceptable fireport on the soundblaster. As the 8500DV has slower memory and GPU than the plain 8500 and is more expensive I would not bother.

As long as you get a DV camara the only further choice is the editing software.