Which capture card for my Athlon?

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I have a 1.33Athlon 256DDR with a spare 40gig 7200 drive. I need to capture video from vhs and convert it to quicktime movies for use in music production software on a mac. I then need to return it to vhs with audio added. I know this chain of conversions is not going to look good video wise but it's a neccessary part of my work.
I would also want to import commercially produced video from digital sources. I have no idea what the industry standard format is but perhaps someone could tell me.
The quality of the a/d and d/a is the most important thing for me. I dont really need to edit much if at all. I was thinking about either an rt2500 or a dc30plus. Are there any problems system wise with these? Any opinions on which would be best suited to my requirements would be a great help!
(my other option is to buy an expensive expansion chasis for my mac and use an aurora fuse capture card...an opinions on that option?)

Most of this stuff is greek to me, and I really appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks........Jack