Which Motherboard?

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I currently have a Abit KT7a Raid with a 1GHz AMD Athalon and PC133 512mb ram. I have had a continual fight to get the soundcard to work with it (soundblaster platinum live). I am now fed up with it and want to get a replacement board. Anybody got any suggestions for a board that will take my existing processor and ram and be reliable and work with my soundcard.

I don't play games I just edit video with Edition and use my email/web.

Recomendations on new or second hand boards that anybody would consider trusted and sound.

Thanks for any help


PS I think I remember Epox ones being sugested a while back?

Components used
1GHz AMD Athalon 200fsb
2 x 256mb PC133 ram
G450 Matrox dual head
2 x IBM dekstar drives
pinnacle firewire card (edition bundled one)
Platium live drive soundblaster
Thats write CD writer
Memorex DVD drive
D-link network card
Win XP
Panasonic MX 300 camcorder

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I think that any remaining motherboads which support PC133 are by VIA will probably have the problems. The cheapest solution would be to get a new soundcard.

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Is your CPU a 200 or 266mhz model?

If its a 200mhz, then I would recommend one of these boards...


I still have one running and its the most stable board I've ever touched, even with a SBLive! 5.1 Platinum in it.

BTW...it will take up to a 1.4ghz Athlon...200mhz model, of course.

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