Will we be seeing reveiws of the new macs?

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I and other mac user would love to see all the new kit from apple reviewed. especially the DVD-R drive. if they can write dvd's that play on "most" dvd players then i would like one.
The powerbook also makes editing on the move even esier. especially with the power of the G4, which i beleave make it the most powerful consumer laptop around. great for rendering!


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Judging by the reaction we've had to our recent series on VCD authoring, I'd say this is a must. In fact, this would be an ideal jumping-off point for a Mac-based version of the tutorial series.

However, it all depends on whether Apple is able (or willing) to provide us with a machine to test.

If they don't (as is very often the case) we will try our best to source a machine from alternative sources. This might not allow us the time for a VCD series, but will at least give us the opportunity of reviewing the new machine.

Watch this space.


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