Win2000 prof. setup

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Hello, I have a question on how to install "win 2000 professional" on a hard disk with no previous operating system on it.
I have already tried to perform a clean install of win2000 on my hard disk having win98 on it, and the win2000 setup seems to be leaving win98 on the disk creating a second partition on the drive where win2000 will be installed, basically letting me have two O.S. on the hard disk, while all I want is to wipe win98, and have just win2000 on it.
I have tried to format the drive as "fat32" and start the win2000 setup from DOS, but this setup won't start from DOS.
I suppose the only way to make the win2000's setup start is to have a previous O.S. on the disk, and run win2000 setup from the CD ROM, with the problem of win98 not being wiped out after the win2000 install. Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem?
Thank you, Bambee.

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The Windows 2000 CD is bootable, so resart and boot from it...take your time and read all the directions and options carefully.

At a point soon after bootup, it will display a list of drives and partitions waiting for you to give it directions...choose to delete the partitions on the drive, then create a new one and format it in NTFS...finish up the rest of the install from there.