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Well I don't know how I managed to remember both my login name and password after so long - it says I last visited in 1970!

I've been a bit of Rip Van Winkle... how much could I get a DCR VX2000 for these days?

You may ask why I want one... well, as a student I worked for over a year wiping old ladies bottoms to save up to buy one, took it out to the far east during a compulsory year of study abroad, went silly places with it, and ended up with it being nicked from the security guards office at my university in China in 2002... I was beyond gutted, I don't mind saying I had a little cry - I lost my cheap widelens and well over 600 priceless pics of my adventures in southeast asia and japan on a (then) colossal 128mb memstick I bought in Osaka, plus the lovely black waterproof plastic penguin or panda case (I forget).
I've still got the box and bits of the remaining bits, and it'd be nice to heal the wound by getting a replacement to play with - especially now I'm an electronics student.

I know we're all going HD imminently, but if anyone wants to shake off any old stock, I might be receptive.


Alan Roberts
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1970! Congratulations, that was before the PC was invented :)

Get my test cards document, and cards for 625, 525, 720 and 1080. Thanks to Gavin Gration for hosting them.
Camera settings documents are held by Daniel Browning and at the EBU
My book, 'Circles of Confusion' is available here.
Also EBU Tech.3335 tells how to test cameras, and R.118 tells how to use the results.

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...and digital video!

...and the internet!!

Martin - DVdoctor in moderation. Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Barry Hunter
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And possible quite a number of forum members!

Barry Hunter

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"And possible quite a number of forum members!"

But definitely not us, Barry!


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Classic Rock music was started around that era!! (shows my age for sure!!)


Chris Lovell
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Not sure about VX2000 but the price of 2nd-hand PD150's continues to fall as people upgrade to the HD equivalents, and there are plenty of them around.

Chris Lovell

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surely the uni's insurance should have paide to replace this?

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