XDCam editing issues?

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Hi folks

I'm quite excited ny the new XDCAM that sony are bringing out (the F330 if I remember correctly although it aint going to win any beauty pageants).

There has been a bit of talk about editing issues with the system it employs on a recent thread.

Just wondering if anyone can expand on this.

I would be using Final Cut 5 and wondered if there were any direct issues with this software. I dont plan on buying the cam for, I would imagine, a year or so. Just be nice to get some lowdown XDCAM.

Was initially interested in HDV but I dont think the 1/3" chips are going to cut it for low light shooting (am I wrong here). Perhaps a 1/2" chip HDV cam is in the pipeline somewhere??



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I like the camera look. Better than Panny's 'brick' design ;)

FCP5? No chance. Well, not for MXF ingest anyway. You could use the camera to record in 25mbps mode and stream capture the footage as per HDV. But you wouldn't be able to use the 35mbps mode, or the MXF file import (currently the Mac requires Flip4Mac to import even SD XDCAM MXF files).

However a year makes a lot of difference. Flip4Mac will probably be updated to cater for the new MXF files.