Yet another freeze on DV500

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Joined: May 10 2001

I have the usual problem of the DV500 freeze when trying to edit in Adobe 5.1c. I have a 1GHz Athlon and an Asus A7V, plus a Soundblaster Live 1024: value.
So far, having read the problems encountered by so many, and after many experiments, I have taken out the sound card, and enabled only the Primary IDE channel instead of the default. And Lo! everything unfroze on the DV500. I then read about the VIA chipset problems, and thought this is obviously me, but noticed they were to do with the 686B southbridge, whereas I am 686A.
The other trouble is I don't really know what I'm talking about!
The last trouble is I don't know how to install new drivers once I've downloaded them. My desktop is full of things which I don't know what to with.
I feel stupid. I feel, not like a junior member, but an infant.