Z1/FX1 Rain, Humidity, Sand & Snow

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Dominic I
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I'm in the process of priceing up a job which i would purchase a Z1 or FX1 to shoot on. The problem is the location.

Location 1.
Lots of snow - I think i have this one coverd http://www.portabrace.com/product_detail_A.php?id=1714
Using this polar Mitten with heat packs i think it will do the job, but i'd be interested in any other options.

Location 2.
Rain forest (central Africa) http://www.portabrace.com/product_detail_A.php?id=2036 Is this Rain slicker going to be enough, with this i would'nt be worried about it getting wet just the Humidity. Are there any other options, how well do these cameras cameras handel 100% humidity?

Location 3.
North Africa- Lots of dust and sand, thought about using no 2 too keep out the c**p are there any other options + is the camera likely to over heat with yhis on in a hot climate.

Ant advice would be great


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have a look at philturnerproductions.com for someone who knows how to protect in those kinda conditions.

can always give him a ring, esp about the Running Man program