1/4 and 1/3 chip lighting kits?

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I'm new, so forgive me if this was already covered, but I'm interested in anybody's suggestions (without spending more than $500) on "hi key" lighting solutions for the little chip camcorders.

I've got a Sony 1/4 chip digital eight that I use for my corporate webwork and I'm tired of overflowding everything with my Arri kit, but just haven't had the time/money to experiment with "lesser" light sources.

I still need something that will impress the clients, but my Arri is a dinosaur from my Beta days and it clearly overwhelms the sensitivity of my little digi, so thoughts and suggestions are solicited and welcome.

So, in a nut: I'm looking for a three fresnel (2 300 watt/1 650 watt) comparable approach for background, fill and key, but scaled down to be compatible with the 1/4 chip.

And I need it yesterday...


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Can't you get lower powered lamps for your Arris?

I assume that you bounce the lamps to soften them, or use shoot thru - soft boxes?

There's a mini red head kit from composite that might do you. Costs about £105 +vat per head. doors and scrims are extra