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Will 1.6 (or the new SP-1 for 1.5) be available for download? From the statements I've seen so far, it looks like 1.6 will be included on CD with the Premiere 6 upgrades. My problem is that I didn't order the upgrade. My brother-in-law works for Adobe, so I got my upgrade for free. Why spend $20 if you don't have to.


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Yes, version 1.6 will be available to download. It will be for all DV.now users, not just those who upgrade to Premiere 6.0. Until the release of 1.6, you can use the Service Pack (available to download now from [url=http://www.dazzle-europe.com)]www.dazzle-europe.com)[/url] to use DV.now with Premiere 6.0.

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