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Hi There,

I've completely forgotten how to do this, but I have some 4:3 DV Cam footage that I want to extrapulate into 16:9 und FCP or compressor. God I feel like an idiot, when I last did this I was using Premier 5.1!
Problem is I also want to do a pan and scan so that I can control the 16:9 framing. I'm still using studio pro 1 and my efforts have not yealded the results I'm looking for. The 4:3 footage gets stretched into 16:9 as in I get 16:9 but the horizontal axis is streeeeeetched. I know that I will lose some verticle resolution somewhere down the line but it is acceptable to me. Do I expo through compressor or do I add crop or bars top/bottom etc

I'm currently editing for a client, so if I don't respond straight away, I'm not being rude its the work.

Anyway hopefully all is tickety boo with you and you are having a productive day!

LOL oddball xx (feeling a bit stupid)

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Scale up your 4:3 clips in a 16:9 sequence/timeline using the Motion>Scale @133.3%.
Vertically adjust the framing (Pan and Scan) in the same Motion tab, or by draggining in the Canvas with Image + Wireframe turned on.
Keep the vertical coordinates in the Motion tab to be even numbers - 22 or 64 not 22.2 or 63 - so the interlace remains consistent.

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Hey Paul!

Thanks for your help - I'll give that a go probably next week, when I sit down and start it. Hope you are having a good day mate! Oddball x

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That's interesting about the interlace.

I had a similar problem when I videoed a gig in WS - but a guy the band had, filmed background stuff in 4x3 (despite being told!)

I pulled it into the canvas and pretty much did it by eye. I never thought about interlace. The finished video was changed to black and white, while the gig footage was in colour. It all wnt to DVD without any problem. Must have been lucky

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I believe that current versions of FCP will snap to even numbers for vertical Motion Tab displacement, if you just drag the wireframe.

However, you can still set a non-even number, or even a fraction :eek:, if you type in an explicit value manually (bad idea)!

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