16/9 Widescreen

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Roger Maytum
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I've been shooting a film about a year in the life of our local church. Because of the advent of Digital TV and its widescreen implications - I decided to shoot in 16/9. It struck me recently that I MAY run into problems when editing! I use a DV300 and Premiere 5. Am I likely to experience any problems? The final release of the video (probably copied to VHS) will also be in 16/9. I can't do much about it now as half a years shooting has taken place - but any advice will be most welcome. My thanks again to all who contribute their expertise. It is really appreciated.

Roger Maytum

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The main problem will be getting a letterboxed output if you want one; you'll either need to get a plug-in to do it for you, or use one of the DV decks which can produce an letterboxed analog output (I don't know which ones, but I'm told they exist).

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chris thomas
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When editing, you should be able to add a 'vertical squash' type effect. The only down side is that it will take ages to render.

Chris Thomas.

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