4:3 ??? need 16:9

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My Samsung DVD/VCR combo views and records in 4:3,
MyTV is a new Tosh 21inch LCD with Auto detect, this should'nt be.. right? its 16:9 i want !

Tv set to auto
VCR/DVD menu set to wide,

so i have NTL (box) bottom scart to TV, then top scart out from NTL box to DVD/VCR all on AV1.

its all fine when not through the DVD/VCR


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ha ha, had this myself, there's no real fix unless the dvd recorder supports 16:9 recording.

The workaround I used was to set the NTL box to 16:9, feed that into the DVD Recorder which will record the 16:9 feed in a 4:3 format (squashed!) and then feed the DVD Recorder to the LCD, set the LCD to manual aspect ratio and select 4:3 stretch, the picture will look "right" on the TV even though it's a 4:3 signal (hence manual aspect ratio).

You might have to fiddle around with the DVD Recorder aspect ratio's as well to get it right.



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hi ian

its a dvd player/vcr recorder, does support 16:9, told it might be pin 8 , not sending 5volts to the tv

ntl set to 16:9 ok


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different equipment , but same design wanted , and i have it working.

sky box , output as 16:9 on scart ( rgb mode ) to
panasonic eh50 dvd recorder ( HD and dvd-ram record happily in 16:9 ) dvd-r etc will only record 4:3 ( it's part of the design in panasonics )
panasonic component out to component in on 22" LG tft , and second scart output from sky into tft scart.( to allow me to watch sky with dvd recorder in standby/timer record setting.)

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component is probaly the answer, although i am sure i had it before via scart..

...getting the time, i hate it to beat me!!!


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No luck as yet,
Viewing a 16:9 DVD is fine on the samsung , altought the samsung welcome screen is displayed in 4:3, am sure i had it 16:9 before, although i cant be sure.
Recording on the VCR(combo dvd player only ) is 4:3.
Viewing NTL via the Samsung is 4:3. all menus are set to wide or 16:9
all scart connections.
any ideas as to the fix, or is there one?