4GB limit under Windows 98?

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Is there a 4GB file size limit for captures in Fast.forward?

I have Windows 98 and have just installed the DV.now AV. All went well until I tried to capture a long clip.

I was told before I purchased this board the software got around the limit.

If there is a limit, is there any way of making the software split up the clips so I don't have to manually cut and splice things together?


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FAT32, the file system used in Win98 and WinME, has a file size limitation of 4gb for any file. No way of getting around that. Fast.forward does get around the 2gb AVI limitation. If you want to capture files larger than 4gb, you have to use the NTFS file system which is available only in WinNT and Win2000.

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I'm puzzled as to the 4gb limit.Whether I use fat32 or ntfs with fastcap or MSP5.2 when I capture the only limit is the size of disk. All captured files are shown as 2gb but using play list,on play back, will join them saemlessly.The problem I have at the moment, but this can happen after two minutes, is audio stutters and is out af sync after that.This happens even on short clips so it shouldn't be the 4gb limit.
This is why i'm puzzled.