5 inch TFT monitors ?

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Can anyone advise me where I can buy a small 4 or 5 inch TFT monitor, like the ones used on mini steadycams.

I bought one from 'Product shop international' for £185 but it was made in the far east and the build quality was crap so I sent it back and got a refund.

The one Optex sell for £800 is a joke, yeh sure it is good build quality, but £800 for a 5 inch monitor, come on !

All I want is a decent quality, prefrebly Japanees or German etc TFT for occational use for up to £250 inc power supply.

Any sujestions greatly appriciated.

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Talk to John Preston at Prestons, 01684 575486, I know they are doing some (mention Dave at Fox!)

Dave Farrants
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Hi Dave.

I looked in Prestons leeflets that I have and they sell the same crappy Chinese one that PSI sell, only Preston sell it for £40 more. I really want something like the Optex one, but without the Optex price tag.

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In this month's Focus magazine they are featuring a switchable 7" widescreen LCD for around £350 + VAT at Optex. Also on the same page there is an ad for Teletest - site is www.teletest.co.uk

Don't know where they are made but surely worth checking out.


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