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I've got a client who wants some dedicated webspace to "stream" a single 5 minute video.

So would it be a case of creating some space, and posting a mpg, or wmv, or avi movie with the relevant compression?

The only other problem I can foresee is the bandwidth charge, which I'd pass on to the client.

Have I left anything out, or are there any other considerations/ problems that I'm overlooking?

Finally, the format: mpg at 15fps, 320x240, low datarate? Any comments?


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The best prices I've seen for dedicated streaming video hosting are from Playstream.

At the bottom level, they do a good range of packages for small archives with high or modest data transfer.



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just a point to note, for wmv files (and QT) it is possible to set the server software so that they can view the file, but cannot download it to their local drive. i.e. they can't make a copy for themselves.

AVI, and MPG don't stream (alright MPG kinda does, but really it is progressive download unless you have the right software). With these also the end user can download your file to their local drive


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If it is to be read by a 56k modem Ihave found .wmv files 192 x 144 at 12 fps with mono sound pseudo stream with less loss of quality than one might expect.

Like most people I am not keen to praise MS, but in the case of .wmv files they seem to have a system that produces compact files with acceptable quality.

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