7" TFT mons from Hague

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Hague have stopped selling the lower res 7" mons that they used to do.

They were made by Mitu and are the same as the high res ones sold by Ntrac.

anybody seen the lower res ones for sale here? recomendations/
ideally £150 to £200 per unit


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Unfortunatly not, it states that this item is excluded from the 16 day money back guarentee

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Thanks All,

I'm looking for a "proper" monitor. ie with no TV side to things - I assume that for the same money I'd get a better unit by being AV only.

I know the hague ones and would love to get more if only I could find an importer! NTrac and Hague Pros are the same unitsbut Hague were cheaper. The lower res one they did were more suitable for my needs than the high res one.

They'd be needed as Top Finders on DSR570's or the like.

I need a decent quaility affordable TFT