80 minute dv tapes?

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Well is it yes use them or not?
I need some longer record times in a few weeks, this may go to 75 mins or so. I do not like recording in long play and was wondering If anyone uses those new 80 min miniDV tapes I think they are pani ones although I am not sure
Info please! ALSO if you think they are OK then YES the cheapest place to get em!!
Thanks all

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Hi Billyboy,

I've been using the Panasonic DV80's for six months now. My main work is Weddings, so the extra 20 mins is great for Catholic services. The picture quality is as good as you can get on mini DV. You can get 120 mins on long play, although I don't use long play, as I believe my Sony deck (DSR 40p) does not like mini LP.

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Panasonic do an 83 minute, in the Pro range. I use them as archive tapes. I use Pan 60 or 63 (Pro) in the camera and make safety copies to 83-minute tapes of all the shots I actually use in a project. Then scrub the 60/63s and reuse them. I've no reason not to use them in the camera though, it's just a system that I've got used to now.

APRVideo do them, but pricebusters are propbably cheaper.

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Can I have the details to contact price busters I have tried a few searches but come up with some spurious looking shop fronts?
Any other details for cheapest supply of 80 min dv tapes

thanxs all

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You could try http://www.first4media.com/

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Hey guys,

try www.fotosense.co.uk for your Sony or Panasonuic Mini DV 60s. They've just this week sent me 20 of them, post paid, for £78. That's a very cool £3.90 each, and they came right to my door. (Today I was in Dixons, and they want £10 each. Gulp.) Wonderful. Ask for Taf.


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Site for Pricebuster is WWW.PRICEBUSTER.ORG.UK

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Well how good is this web site!
Thanks for all the input very helpfull


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If you mean "how good is Pricebuster?" - I have bought a few things from them after seeing what the smart guys on this board had said and the service is what I would expect - they take a credit card number and send the goods quickly. No fuss, no cockups.

Cheers, JOVE

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The sentiment was directed at the CV web site.
But any company or retailer that gives clear concise info and NO BULL is worth a mention.


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I've only just read this thread but here's my two penneth worth.

I would only ever use these tapes for non essential work. I have read that to achieve the extra tape length the tape must be thinner to fit in the DV tape cassette. This being the case there must be a significantly higher risk of recording flaws and more importantly tape chews.

If you are doing holiday type stuff then it's not the end of the world if you lose it, but if you are doing a wedding ceremony it would be.

I only use Panasonic pro 63 tapes and have never had a problem with them.

As for suppliers I always use pricebusters and have had nothing but great service.




I used the Pro Panasonic 83 minute tapes in my XL1 and a friend of mine has a Sony DV deck has also used them.
We both woudn't recomend them if you are serious about your editing.

Like SIFI said, you not only risk getting dropped frames, artifax and sound blips, but most of the time you will.

If you are serious buy a Sony DVcam and use the Sony 120 minute tapes.

SIFI is right, the tape is thinner, hence a drop in quality.
In my oppinion using the longer tapes is just as amaturish as using long-play mode.
Don't risk it, not for the sake of a few quid.

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It is not for the sake of a few quid!
It is the need for longer recording times without buying a new camera, wich would'nt cost just a few quid!
I have tryed these tapes now and can see no difference in quality - yet!
However I am loathed to use these 80 min tapes on any important stuff!just in case.
If its gonna happen thats when it will, just when you can't afford it to !!!
Its interesting how some camera makers say UP TO 83 MINUTE RECORDING........and then in the small print give a little disclaimer about using these tapes, as their tape transport mechanism was never designed to use the thinner tapes they cannot say if all will be ok!! GREAT!