8mm using Data Tapes

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I offered to look at someone's 8mm or Hi 8 video - about 8-10 years old, as it seemed to have a head clog. She didn't give me a tape to test with, so I used a new hi-8 Fuji.
I cleaned around the heads and tape path with is0propyl alch. and it seemed to get better.
A couple of days later, she said that the problem was still there.
It seems that they have run their camera almost all its life on data tapes from a computer system. I know that this is possible, but I was tring to explain to her the pitfalls. ie different tape oxide, abrasive qualities, thiner tape etc.
Does anyone have any more thoughts?
Mind you, if it's worked for 10 years, think of the money that they've saved - they want to replace the camera anyway.
It never ceases to amaze me that people will buy a camera for £1k (10 years ago) and then use cheap old (or free) tat to record on.

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If it's been working (and used a lot) for 10 years, it would probably be worn out by now anyway. I doubt the use of data tape has anything to do with it; the poor little beast wants a rest.