9.5mm cine info wanted.

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Paillard/Bolex DA 9.5mm swiss 110v


I've been lent a projector by a client to do a telecine from 9.5mm. I've done one before from a pathescope.

The Bolex lamp had gone and so I've done a bodge up lamp conversion with a 100w dichroic, sep PSU, and I had to use a 240-110 transformer as the old transformer/rheostat they provided wasn't safe (and stuck on 240 so it went like a train)

I may ask him to give me the projector in px for the work (he was going to offer it to the museum) but wanted a bit more info on them - like a copy of a handbook?

any info welcome - I copy via a Glassscreen sort of wax between glass.

alan eades
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A search of google came up with


who appear to sell a classic camera magazine, one of which has some info on your machine - back copies said to be available. No idea how much info is given, may be worth atry if all else fails.


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ta - nothing there.

i have found someone who's got one for sale - with QH lighting. that's what I'm doing.

i may see if he's got a book he could copy for me.