About the Canopus DV converter

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Cian O'Connor
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Pete, you said you wrote the NTSC DV file to a TRV900, and it was read fine by the DSR-11. Would it work okay with the VX2000?

I need a decent converter, but really can't afford a DSR-11. As long as an NTSC camera could read it okay, then it doesn't matter.


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I'm certain that sending the NTSC video back to tape via FireWire should be fine.

However, I suspect that the PAL VX2000 won't output NTSC as proper NTSC -it'll be a hybrid signal designed for playback on a PAL TV set.

You'll need an NTSC camcorder or deck to play the tape properly.

Another option, however, is a DV-analogue converter box made by Miglia - Bob has the details. It turns PAL DV into PAL analogue video and NTSC DV into NTSC analogue. Play your NTSC tape from the VX2000, and use the converter box to feed the analogue signal to an NTSC VCR...

Hope that helps,


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I think this product is called Director's Cut.

Miglia is the European agent - and I don't have details here at home.

However, the maker is a company called PowerR, and here's a place to get you started with some info, including the (company's own, and probably not too neutral) comparison chart of different converter boxes: http://www.powerr.com/compchart.cfm

Bob C