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3GHz Pentium 4. Asus P4G800 Deluxe motherboard. XP Home, Crucial ATI Radion 9600

Had a load of trouble with this setuo.

In Device Manager is a yellow question mark over Accel Graphigs AccelSTAR II.

Click on that - Message - "This device cannot start. code (10) Display adapter.

On 'Start' up the second (black) screen states "BIOS not present".

The two SATA HD drives are not listed in BIOS either. (They were at one time).

When the computer HAS stopped working it HAS BEEN possible to get it going again by detaching the two RED SATA cables to HDD's (and ribbon cables to drives and motherboard). Reconnecting usually solved the problem.
(new cables have been tried).

Consulting the BIOS:
The MAIN screen states:
The two disc drives are correctly IDE Master and Slave.
The Secondary Master and Secondary Slave are both listed "Not detected".
The THIRD and FOURTH are both listed as Master and each have the correct drive numbers.

The BOOT screen:
Gives boot priority to the correctly numbered (C: \) HDD
The Second and Third boot devices are the DVD Burner and the floppy.
(There are no alternatives in the menus).

Under Hard Disc Drives:
The two HD drives are correctly listed by their correct numbers.

Any ideas of how to tackle this recurring problem please?


John Disdle
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Hi Les.

You may need to update the GFX card driver. Google found this….

Don't forget to un-install the drivers before loading the new.

I don't think I can help with the rest, but a mix of SATA and IDE seems to have it`s own set of problems.

I don’t trust things from the Internet scanning my pc, regedit may help to find unused entries, but it`s a minefield. I use a program called “Your Uninstaller” from Serif Software, which also clears the registry. It's not free unfortunately!

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Thank you John. That item isn't listed in device manager since the two items of graphics 9600 card drivers were updated. No yellow question marks to be seen. Gone!

The text: BIOS not installed in boot-up is still there - but computer works OK. That's beyond me!


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This computer is getting more unreliable each day. Time for it to "retire".

Can someone please instruct me how to transfer emails to either another drive, external drive or another computer.

There does not seem a way to transfer emails in bulk. One at a time would be rather laborious.


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If you are using Outlook Express, find the store folders specified in the Options. Then copy the .dbx files to an external hard drive. Import the .dbx files into whatever the mail software is on the new PC.

There is a Microsoft Knowledgebase article that explains this in more detail

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