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Is it common pratice for agencies
to charge people £85 for being on their books ? I'm told this is the fee for joining the agency 20-20. Does anyone know of this Company ? If so could you email/post contact details...i'm told that they have a message on their answer-machine saying their books are full but I find it hard to believe they will turn people down who are willing to part with £85 to register ? Does anyone else have any agency experiences ?
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This could be one of the oldest scams Craig. It trades on people's vanity and as such they find it easy to loosen the purse strings. Make absolutely sure it's bona-fide before handing over a single penny.

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ANY serious theatrical or casting (or anything) agency that knows what day it is will charge a commision on the work they get you.
Any money-up-front people should be laughed at (from a distance).
There a plenty of good ones - expect to pay fees starting at about 15% on jobs up to £500 odd.

As a member of a decent *unpaid* (I refuse to use the term "amateur") dramatic society, a number of our members are on the books of such agents and reasonably regularly appear in Corronation Street, McDonald's commercials etc.etc - but some of them were pro actors before I was born...

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Cheers for your advice
guys, just as I suspected. The guy who has registered with these people did a commercial for Pepsi with Prince naseem and was told he would be paid £85. This was last Jan and has just received a cheque for £75 which is'nt all that great. Apparantly the advert is being shown in Albania ! I thought these Companies preyed on vain dudes like me.

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The best place to start with acting agencies is to buy a copy of Contacts (available from [url=][/url]

This lists just about every agent in the UK.

Any agent that asks for money up front is a waste of time - walk away. Remember they are there because of you.

You will be hard presses to get a good agent without any work to show them - this gets tougher the older you get because they expect you to have done more!

Best bet is to join a drama group and get out tredding the boards - then you can invite potential agents (local ones preferably) to see you work and give them a better idea of your ability.

Good luck!

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I have spent the last year going down this road, i happen to have a few contacts as well. Unfortunately unless you phone an agent and say "hello my name is Mel Gibson, do you have any space on your books" you stand absoloutly no chance whatsoever. Sorry to sound so negative, but that's just the way it is. Over 4000 actors and actresses leave drama school each year in this country, i'm affraid there are just too many people trying to get in the door.