Adobe After Effects 5.0 - HELP!!!!!!!!

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Hi all

I recently purchased Adobe After Effects 5.0 Production Bundle.

As the software is not exactly easy to learn I also purchased the Adobe After Effects 5.0 Classroom In A Book to run through the lessons to gain a better understanding of the software.

The first thing that strikes me about this book is that while it is easy to follow the instructions for the individual lessons, exactly why you are changing various settings etc is not explained.

I have almost reached the end of the book, Lesson 9 to be exact, where a complex 3D Composition has to be rendered to complete the lesson.

If I follow the instructions in the book then I cannot render the composition. i.e. I always get an error to the effect that:- Not enough memory for a 1200 x 300 image buffer.

Now I am using an Athlon 1GHz PC with 512Mb of RAM and over 60Gb of hard drive space free which is well above the minimum spec quoted in the book.

The only way I can get this composition to render is if I set the resolution at "half", which is obviously not ideal when I am looking for a high quality output.

When the composition is rendering the software tells me that it is using 45% of 512Mb.

I can also easily generate a rendered preview in RAM with no problems.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to why I cannot render the final composite to the hard drive?

William Hepburn

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Just a guess, are you trying to render uncompressed video?



Snake Plissken
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I have much the same kind of thing with After Effects 4.1 when dealing with large image files. It's as though After Effects uses the ram when rendering until it runs out (very technical ) and that's it, it stops. I get this when rendering ram previews and have to purge the cache to get the thing rendering again. What I do, and it's boring but works, is render the project in smaller chunks and then join them all back up again when rendered. I use a nested composition so that I can easily split it up using the split layer function but there are other ways of doing it. I hope someone comes up with a better solution because I'd like one too. But for now, this will get the job done.

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Hi Guys


The various files which make up the composition are "mov" files, rendered using the Quicktime, Animation compressor exactly as detailed in the book.


I'll certainly give it a try and render as smaller chunks but again I have followed the instructions exactly in the book so I can't understand why it doesn't work.

I can render a RAM preview without any bother although at half resolution and when it is trying to render the final composition AfterFX reports that it is using 45% of 512Mb.

William Hepburn