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I've just downloaded the demo of this as I have noticed it cropping up across photo forums.

Is anyone using it regularly, are there any tricks, tips outside the obvious?

If you have used it for a while is it still a must have tool in the armoury?

Any thoughts?

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It's my first weapon of choice now for quick and dirty exposure/balance/sharpness correction. I still am undecided as to whether or not it's better than NIk Viveza. I still use photoshop for more serious manipulation on bigger projects. You've probably already found the tuts at Adobe TV.

Pete Allen
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Certainly found it best for organising images but, it's an all or nothing thing, if you're going to use LR, you will need to make it your first stop to get the best from it.

I pretty much use LR for most of my editing, apart from the more demanding tasks.

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Gets my endorsement too. Couldn't live without it now. All my photos catalogued with it, client approval webpages created in it, basic editing done with it. Martin Evening's book a very good read if you want to go beyond the Adobe tutorials.

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Many thanks every one. I have had a quick play today in between work sessions and it does seem the "missing link"

A DV Doctor endorsement always puts the mind at rest though.
(and yes I think I'll invest in the book as well)

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Hi Chris,

The Luminous Landscape do a comprehensive tutorial for Lightroom, I don't have it but I do have lots of their other work and it is usually of a very high standard so def worth checking out.

Cheers, John