Adobe Photoshop 6 problem

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Stephen Carter
Joined: Nov 18 1999

I have an unsusual problem since upgrading from version 5.5 to verson 6. I seem to be getting extremely slow screen redraws. E.g. if I switch between two images (even low res), it takes several seconds to switch.It also affects any manipulations, in fact some manipulations almost appear to cause a complete seizure after a number of repeated operations such as rubber stamping.
This does not happen with v5.5 or any other application. It is not an issue of processor speed as I have a slower machine with less memory that is OK.
Processor AMDK6-2 5000
Mother board Gigabyte
Memory 512K
OS Win 98SE
Graphics card Matrox G450
I think it is a graphics card issue. Anybody got any ideas?

Stephen Carter

Joined: May 11 1999

Hi Steven.

Sorrry, no direct answers, but have you upgraded to the latest P/shop 6.0.1(free download from Adobe)?

I know there were some graphics issues with P/s 6.0 which In beleive 6.0.1 sorts out - worth a try, I'd have thought?

the only other thing I can think of is insufficient/inefficient scratch-disk space, but I wouldn't expect that to be an issue on low-res files.

Sorry I can't be more help.


Peter Millard

Peter Millard