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I use Adobe Photshop 7.1 and suddenly I am not able to open the help section which Adobe use AOL.
When I try to open it gives me the following report;
I use AOL Ver 9 - Broadband Gold and systen MS ME with Int Pen 4
I tried Adobe for help and also Mekon Ltd Adobe's agents and both could only help me if I pay them about £100/150. For Adobe's customer support this is bloody daylight robbery
I have uninstall and re-install twice and still getting the same problem.
Can anyone please help?
Charles Nicholas

Charles Nicholas

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It may not be the actual problem you have but, if you are using SP2, this can cause problems with getting the help working. However, Adobe should have asked you this question as it is a known issue.

All the best, Ron.

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it's a security problem.
basically the way that adobe call the html code for the help file is similar to an html exploit which i think microsoft closed the back door on.

if you were using xp , the answer would be here , which may help you.

and here mentions AOL

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