Advice on filming 6-8 hours of footage regularly.

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My friend has a problem, and has asked me what to do about it. Her son suffers from regular fits, and wants to record him sleeping to get an idea how many of these fits happen at night. So she needs a way of recording about 6 to 8 hours of footage. She already has a VHS-C camcorder, but obviously VHS-C tapes don't last that long.

One method I thought of was to use my old VHS-C camcorder which has a time lapse mode that'll record frames every 15 seconds upwards. But that camera needs fixing.

A time lapse recording would work quite well, as long as the time between frames is short enough to be able to tell if he's having a fit or just moving. I imagine a full frame rate recording would be best though.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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a little money , would buy a dvd-ram recorder , which would record up to 8 hours per side.
feed camcorder to analogue inputs and press record.
can be fast forwarded without ruining 'tapes' @ £159.95

dvd-ram cartridges @

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why not hook up a camera to a vhs deck. Stick in a four hour tape and record in long play. the quality won't be great but it will be enough to see what is happening.


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I'd agree with both - the DVD option means that you can have a resource for later.

DIY shops sell CCTV cameras which have IR capability for £70 or so

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If you go for a DVD recorder, may as well be one with a HDD. Could easliy record a whole night with no risk of running out of (DVD) disc space).

Also has anyone experiance with (cheaply) capturing analoge to a laptop hard drive. I only thought laptop because of it's portablity - including borrowing one from a friend. Digital camcorder, firewire-in to laptop, and lowish quality recording would be fairly easy.

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Look on ebay - £35.00 will buy you a nightshot camera cable and psu, meant for cctv. Another £20.00 will buy you a 4 input DVI card and software. The software will allow you to record continously for approx 6 weeks on a 40gb HD. and also breaks it down into 15 minute segments. The resulting files can be used (time and date stamped) and made into a vcd with most (if not all) Cd burning programmes.