Advice on hosting and e-commerce

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I have a large quantity of well-produced, well-edited video that I use in my Contracts law class. I would like to license that video to other schools and deliver it as streaming video over the Web. I am looking for a hosting company that will provided a dedicated media server, do a first class job of managing the server, and provide high reliability.

I will also need assistance in setting up the e-commerce functionality for this site. I am unclear whether I can find a firm that will provide both the hosting and the e-commerce part.

Any recommendations or suggestions you can make will be greatly appreciated.

Here are some specifics.

· 9½ hours of video divided into 250 segments
· Will be present in Flash Video (Compression will be done by the video company I have worked for a number of years.)
· I will provide the design for the GUI.
· Compressed using 2 resolution levels for a total of about 5 Gb
- High resolution: 7.2 Mb per minute or 4.2 Gb
- Low resolution: 1.1 Mb per minute or 0.5 Gb
· Each student will view about 60 minutes of video per week spread over 5 - 6 days
· In the first offering, a total of approximately 600 students will have access to the video but it is estimated that a maximum of only 350 students would ever view it at one time.
· Peak usage would occur for 15 weeks during fall semester.
· Usage during spring semester would drop to 25% of the peak.
· There would be almost no usage during the summer.


An arrangement in which student-users will:

· pay a subscription fee for the semester;
· receive a user id and password;
· have unlimited access to all areas of the website;
· and have their subscription terminated at the end of the semester.

Thank you in advance for your help.

John W.