ADvice on Indoor white balance on 5d with flouresecnt/tungsten lighting

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I have been using an eos 5d last few months . I upgraded from an eos 5 and went for full frame as i had ots of lenses including the tokina atx pro 2.8 35-105. I thought it would be cheaper to go for a eos 5d than a say a eos 20d and 17-40 l lens

I managed to get a refurbished one off from ebay.

However been having some problems only with indoor shots.

In daylight the camera is great, and i use a eos 580 ex as fill in .

However indoors im having problems with the white balance.

I have been to few weddings/ family events where Ive taken shots under a video light tungsten or flouresecent indoor from venue

when i set the white balance to auto-- the colours have a yellow tinge despite using a flash

I ahve tried setting the white balance to flash mode no improvement and then also tungsten mode.

This did help in some shots but then some ended up very blue.

IS this normal? I was hoping to be lazy and let the camera sort out white balance?

I can get around the problem by doing manual wb.

This weekend i got a bit lazy and tookl all the shots in raw and using the supplied canon program, i corrected the WB on the desktop- using the click wb facility .

Previously when i sued film things were a lot more forgiving- or maybe the developer corrected the shots at processing.

Is what im having to do normal? SHould auto not compensate for WB? or suing flash kill out the tungsten?

My worry is that as i have bought a refurb off the canon outlet store on ebay could the camera be at fault- but then it brillant outside

Thanks foradvice in advancce