Advice re current cam's ?

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I am a bit out of touch with the crop of current dv cameras, having made a purchase in the early days.

I have now got a budget of £8000 to purchase 5 cameras plus accessories (extra batteries etc). The cameras must all be the same and mini-dv, they also need to be the following;

Easy to use
Widish angle lens
Reasonably low-light capable
Analogue outputs for instant playback
Decent battery life

If anyone could recommend from experience I would be most grateful, it will give me a starting step.



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Chris Lovell
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With that kind of budget, I'm sure you'd be able to get a package of 5 VX2000's. If you can, then that's definitely the recommended solution.

Chris Lovell

Stuart B-M
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Dear chris,

Sorry to dissagree, but do not think you can get 5 Vx2000's + batteries for that sort of money.

They are around £1900/2000 each, without added "extra batteries" or Video lights etc (if needed).

Unless of course you know where they can be bought cheaper.?

If you must have 5 and they must all be the same,

Would suggest you take a look at,

Canon Xm-1's
Sony Trv900's
or the new
Panasonic NVMX350B

You would certainly be able to pick up five each of these, and have a little over for extra batteries, mic's or tripods etc...

Kindest regards.

Regards all

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Of course it all depends what you want to use the cameras for and what accessories you need and whether you need the same accessories for each camera.

I'd buy at least one decent tripod and one good external mic. Otherwise you'll find you've spent £8000 on camera gear but can still only get poor sound, and only do static shots using a cheap tripod.

XM1 - £1300 each
MX300 - £1200 each - but you'll have to be quick, its being discontinued.

are the best you'll get but not much for accessories.

John Vickers
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quote:Originally posted by Stuart B-M:
Dear chris,

Sorry to dissagree, but do not think you can get 5 Vx2000's + batteries for that sort of money.

I Guess it depends if he's VAT registered.
But even then, with the accessories, he'd be closer to £9000.

Wide angle lenses (Raynox HD6600, from Jessops) might be something else to budget for.


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5 XM-1s at around £1350 each would give you very good cameras at a sensible price with over £1000 left for your other bits.

I use canon compatable batteries with mine which are 4550Mah each and run the camera for about 3 to 4 hours. They cost me £65 each from Jem in Wigan for bulk purchase of 4 batteries.

VX2000s would be very nice but they don't fit the budget.



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thanks guys for the advice,

these cameras will shoot a variety of indoor and outdoor, no sound needed, so thats not an issue.

The XM's will be good but I'll see if I can squeeze some more for the VX.

Oh and no vat

thanks again for starting me out


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