All I want for Xmas is a dukla prague away strip

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Crackin movie books for Xmas

Robert Rodriguez 'Rebel without a crew '

Guerilla Filmmakers handbook

Anything about Hitchcock but
'Making of Vertigo ' is a definite

any others????

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One book I highly recommend is 'The Unkindest Cut' by Joe Queenan. He's a movie critic who set out after 'El Mariachi' was released to make a 16mm feature for $6,998 to undercut Robert Rodriguez' movie, and demonstrates quite clearly how *not* to make a good low budget movie. If you read his book and then do the opposite of what he did (e.g. not checking the locations before shooting, so his climactic scene set in the middle of rural America had to be shot with the New York skyline clearly visible) then you should be able to make a pretty good movie. It seems to come up in remainder stores these days, so you can probably buy it for a couple of pounds too 8-).

Less relevant to the likes of us who probably don't have $4,000 to spend, let alone $40 million, but 'Killer Instinct' is another movie-making book I really enjoyed, about the making of 'Natural Born Killers'.

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Second that recommendation, 'The Unkindest Cut' by Joe Queenan is a good companion piece to Rodriguez's Rebel without a crew. Slightly bizarre how bad his film was. Definitely read 'Rebel' first to get some of the joke.

( BTW I think the thing about Rodriguez that is forgotten is that he is a fantastic tight editor as well as director.It makes you wonder if that's a key to good direction. Lean and Hitchhock both started off editing before directing)

David Sherwin 'Going Mad in Hollywood' also availble in the remainder book shops is a really engrossing account of a british scriptwriter battling with the producers and the money men. He was the co-writer of 60's film IF.

other books that are worth a gander are Mark Kermodes BFI book on the Exorcist, a new book on Dogme95, and I really enjoyed Richard E Grants first book . (titled Withnail and I ?)