AMD based editing systems

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Looking at a new build PC based on what appears to be great value multicore AMD processors.
Anyone any thoughts of using these for editing. Haven't decided on the editing software yet but thought of Sony vegas, possibly Adobe.
Gavin Gration
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Re: AMD based editing systems
AMD CPUs cost less than similar spec Intel CPUs in general.
If it's purely a budget decision then AMD wins hands down - you can build a cheap, decent system.
If performance is paramount and cost is no problem them an Intel system will win out.
However, if you were looking to strike a balance between speed and cost then an AMD system MIGHT be a solution.
Firstly - the GPU will do the heavy lifting in NLEs like Premiere. Yes - some AMD GPUs are supported for some functions but Nvidia Cuda is still king.
A decent GPU can make an otherwise sluggish CPU only system move along nicely. Likewise healthy AMD system could get a very nice boost from a decent GPU.
Banging the drum a but here but a decent GPU is well worth the money - if I had to decide Intel CPU only or AMD CPU+Nvidia GPU I would select the latter every time.
We built our office machines to be workhorses - run of the mill i7 2600K, Asus boards, 16GB RAM, mid-range Nvidia card, no overclocking and no silly RAID systems. We edit all flavours of video up to 1080P from pretty much any type of camera with ease.
If you want to do loads of layering or complex filters then you will push what a single SATA HDD can do - that said we regularly manage multiple streams of ProRes HQ each with a DVE without a problem (4 x 720P50).
Memory helps - it's not too expensive - 16GB good, 32GB better ;)
I would have no hesitation using an AMD chip in a budget system that wasn't going to be too stressed - especially it fitted my budget requirements better.