AMD Problems !

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Phil Smith
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I was interested to see the article on pg 25 / 26 of this months issue that states that an AMD processor may or may not be compatible with the DC30 plus. As I am about to purchase the DC10 plus and have a 300Mhz AMD K2 3D Now chip, has anybody else who has the AMD chip had any problems when using any of these products. If you did have problems, how did you overcome them.

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I have been using AMD K6-233 Mhz for 3
years and did not have problem with the
DC30+ - Note: I use Win95 OSR2.x

Phil Smith
Joined: Aug 19 1999

That's re-assuring as I have Windows 95 which I can drop back to should 98 flip a lid.

As the DC30 along with the DC10 only handle analogue as far as I know I'm interested in your thoughts on the quality of the final output. I would be capturing from a Hi8 camcorder via the S-VHS output, editing on the PC and then outputting to VHS tape. At present I have been using MGI's Videowave II with ATI's All In Wonder Pro and the drop in quality from source to final output is excessive in my view and that is why I am considering a dedicated capture card ie DC10 or DC30.


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There are many factors for high quality
of the output video:
1. Is it full/half capture ? i.e 640x480
or 320x480, or ...
Most of the time good quality input
would have good quality output.
It depends also on how your hard drive
can handle the transfer rate.

2. Codec
3. Capture card

My system for capturing/editing/output to VHS:
1. DC30+ capture card
2. If for VHS, I capture at 640x480
If for VCD, I capture at 320x480
3. For VCD, I use Panasonic Mpeg1 encoder.
4. Quantum Viking II 9.1 GB SCSI

4. Softwares:
- Adobe Premiere 5.1a
- Sonic Forge XP (for sound editing).

Same as yours, I capture from my Hi8 Sony
camcorder via SVideo cable, editing in
Premiere (add effects, ...) and use MIV
to output to VHS tape.

Lots of people have luck with Win 98, but
I am kind of scare to upgrade, well, if it
is not broken, don't fix.