AMD Raided system

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A friend has a new computer on which he has installed XP pro SP 2. The basic setup appears to be AMD Athlon dual core ( not sure of exact processor) 2x 300Gb sata drives in raid 1 mirrored. The discs also appear partitioned, ie. the C drive part is 95Gb and the D drives shows as just under 200Gb, correct figures for 2 mirrored 300Gb drives, or there abouts.

Is it normal that the operating system would be placed on a partion within a raided pair of drives, I've never heard of this being done, but then maybe it's normal - this would mean that the OS and programme files are also "mirrored".

The upshot is, the machine with only one simple audio programme running on it, has problems locating files on the C drive, keeps locking up and is generally sloppy, totally wrong for a new clean machine. There is no antivirus running, no internet.

I wonder if anyone has any views or experience regarding OS on raids?