Anyone know about streaming video into venues?

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I'd like to know more about the technology involved in (what appears) to be streaming video live into venues... (although I may be wrong) and would appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction as to what hardware would be required.

The type of set up I am referring to is companies who (for example) Sub TV who have the plasma screens in student union bars. They claim to have a 'channel' which is sent by satellite? into the venues. Other companies do a similar service for WHSmith TV and so on.

ANyone know where I can gain info on this type of technology or which hardware companies could help.

Matthew Brockman
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Sounds like what your talking about is what others call 'Business Television'. A type of closed circuit satellite transmission (not streaming) that some companies set-up for themselves, often for internal corporate communications. I believe that WHS use it to distribute training programmes aswell as the 'promo's that you sometine see running in their larger stores.
Likely to be a very expensive thing to set-up

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may also be a local playback system that is networked and updated remotely via the network. at least that's how we do it... ;) It's also how BT's new office information system works too. It's much more bandwidthe efficient than streaming as the schedual can be updated overnight when network usage is low. If you really wanted to you could actually stream the video via a network but you'd need some serious bandwidth and it's very inefficient if you're talking about looping content because you're sending the same data over and over again.