Anyone know of a better/cheaper option?

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I've been after some really good whoosh SFX for a while now, the sort used in Spooks, N3mbers, et al.

I recently discovered this:

However I was wondering if there is a cheaper (legal) way to get hold of good whoosh SFX. Sadly most of the ones I've found in audio libraries in the last few years have been pretty poor.

Incidentally I did note that Creative Cow ( gave this package the thumbs up while a subsequent poster said the clips were clipped. However elsewhere I've read good things about this product and perhaps he was referring to the degraded demo version.

Many thanks.

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A cheap way of doing whoosh sound FX and the way we did it on the scifi channel promos is to take a gunshot or cannon shot or even a rocket launch.

You make a recording of it backwards and join it to the forward playing one and put a cross fade across the join.

I hope that makes sense as its easier to do than explain.:D

There is always the manual way too: Slow it down for more effect.

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VC has good stuff. I have that product.

Digital Juice might have a special on their SoundFX libraries. Can be quite cheap, eg US$79/vol, if lucky. Can preview all their clips via install of their Juicer software.

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Best quality trailer effects I've heard:

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Try The Freesound Project:

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